Roolee increases page value by 55% using search-powered product recommendations


increase in page value


increase in value of each session


increase in site-wide conversion rate

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Roolee is a fashion and home brand all about fostering a happy and healthy work-life balance. By using Klevu Smart Search plus Smart Recommendations, the team were able to stop manually merchandising product recommendations, and win back some “me time”.

Roolee had already been using Klevu Smart Search for years, and trusted the consistency and relevancy. Once they switched on Smart Recommendations, the results quickly cemented their choice to leave manual merchandising behind, and rely on Klevu AI to automate product recommendations based on shopper intent from search.

You see, Klevu knew the context of the Roolee store so well, it was able to achieve:

  • 9% increase in ‘add to cart’
  • 15% increase in product revenue
  • 55% increase in page value
  • 23% increase in site-wide conversion rate
  • 14% increase in AOV
  • 41% increase in per session value

“Klevu’s machine learning uses valuable data from customer clicks, searches, and purchases to ensure that the suggested products are the most relevant and likely to convert.”

Roolee Nilay Oza
Nilay Oza Co-Founder and CEO of Klevu

Roolee started as a small-town boutique by Kylee and Chad Champlin, and has since grown into a destination for online clothing, kids, and home decor. Product recommendations are a huge part of their online strategy, and now they are easy to manage, and giving shoppers a better experience.

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Feature focus

Recommendations on homepage

By choosing to place product recommendations on the homepage, conversion rate on the homepage went up by 25%.

Badging Rules

Badging in the product recommendations consistent with website. Price compare, sale badge if on sale, price strike out if on sale.

Basket page recommendations

If the cart is less than $85, the prices of the items in the recommendations is restricted to be $50 or less.

Klevu has created the most human-centric AI for ecommerce using linguistics, shopper behavior and machine learning. Klevu Smart Search and Smart Recommendations together use insights from search to dynamically change product recommendations banners.

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