Personalization Engine

Captivate shoppers with truly personal experiences every time

Klevu AI eCommerce Personalization Engine utilizes all Klevu AI algorithms with an added layer of personalization, helping shoppers to notice just the thing they are looking for. Like magic, it allows merchants to provide personalized experiences to new or returning shoppers without complicated segments or manual processes.

Typical results of Klevu merchants using personalization

increase in per session value
increase in revenue
increase in number of transactions
Automative Search

Automatically show the most relevant products

Klevu AI recognizes shopper activity and the Personalization Engine automatically shows the best products for that shopper at that time.

  • Simple out-of-the-box activation, and fully customizable with the Klevu API.
  • Personalize all website pages including homepage, listing pages, product detail pages, and checkout pages.
  • Easy to switch on and effective from day one on all Klevu Discovery Suite solutions.

Shoppers that click on recommendations are 4.5x more likely to add items to cart and complete their purchase.

– Salesforce

1:1 personalization delivered

Deliver personalized results in search, category listings and all product recommendations blocks. Klevu AI connects real-time website behaviour to shopper profiles and reorders products that best fit within typical preferences, such as brand or price range.

Personalized recommendations

Deliver hyper-relevant product recommendations to each shopper. Klevu AI Personalization Engine identifies shoppers and activity and automatically boosts relevant products within all personalized product recommendations blocks.

360-degree analytics

Product ordering

Optimize the order of products on product lists and product recommendations.

Collaborative learning

Collaborative learning

Personalize with little history of interactions, using learning from others.

Klevu Personalization is available on Smart Search, Smart Category Merchandising and Smart Recommendations out of the box with Klevu’s Premium Plus plans and above.

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