Klevu Discovery Suite is now available for

  • Our algorithm has been trained on ecommerce data for a decade
  • The smartest ecommerce product discovery engine
  • Optimized to understand natural language Relevant results, no matter what
  • Headless-compatible, fully customizable with commercetools

Klevu is an approved commercetools ISV

The Klevu Product Discovery Platform has a deep integration with the commercetools ecommerce platform.
Build anything, connect everything

Build anything, connect everything

Build any ecommerce experience, and power discovery with Klevu AI.

  • Robust APIs and documentation
  • Software development kits (SDKs) to speed up headless API builds
  • Lightning fast product discovery
  • Reduce dependencies and improve experience
Klevu Build anything
Klevu smart site search
Headless commerce, for every body
Site search

Not your average ecommerce site search

Combine linguistics, machine learning, and deep learning to deliver more enticing search results to each individual user. Harness the power of real-time user intent and grow your customer’s ecommerce experience.

Headless commerce, for every body
Category Merchandising

Merchandise your ecommerce categories better

Klevu combines AI magic and powerful merchandising tools to power better than average category pages. Whether you have time to be meticulous, or not, Klevu AI can help squeeze 37% more revenue from every web visit.

Category Merchandising
Klevu Smart Recommendations
Smart Recommendations
Product Recommendations

Product recommendations that ‘go well with’ your website

Average product recommendations just take up space. Inspire shoppers with Klevu AI product carousels. Combine AI magic with precision control with Klevu Smart Recommendations.

Go best-of-breed

Go best-of-breed

Klevu is part of an ecosystem of best-of-breed ecommerce solutions. Combine individually selected, highly specialized services like Klevu, to deliver unparalleled customer experiences unique to your brand.
Speed up ecommerce experiences

Speed up ecommerce experiences

Build lightning fast product discovery experiences using SPAs, PWAs (or both!). Test and optimize to continuously improve.
headless commerce?

What is headless commerce?

Get a mini-lesson in headless including its benefits, a jargon buster to tell your PWAs from your SPAs from your SDKs, and information about optimization.
Enrich your data, and unleash it

Enrich your data, and unleash it

Klevu AI uniquely enriches product data using nearly a decade of intelligence gathered from real shoppers. Rich data means your indexed data is more searchable, your bounce rates reduce and your conversion goes up on any front-end experience.

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Globalization made easy, localize at scale

Globalization made easy, localize at scale

With advanced semantic NLP and Machine Learning across most languages, Klevu is the best choice for global brands looking to localize content and merchandising at scale.
Omnichannel Personalization and Machine Learning

Omnichannel Personalization and Machine Learning

Gather shopper insights unique to your brand experience, training your Klevu AI to learn across all front-end touchpoints, and personalize products and content to shoppers, even down to a 1:1 level.

Integrate Klevu with your
commercetools store

Connect Klevu product discovery power with commercetools easily with our pre-built and commercetools-approved connector, or build your own integration using our SDKs and APIs.

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Elevate your headless product discovery with Klevu + commercetools.

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