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The most intelligent and robust search for eCommerce.

Top Enterprise Features

Query Processing

Query processing

Klevu's unique processing technology enables shoppers to type what they are thinking and get relevant results. Most search tools respond only to product catalog keywords. Klevu responds to shoppers.

Dedicated cloud server

Dedicated cloud server

Enterprise clients are provided with dedicated cloud servers, in your nearest datacenter, to ensure maximum performance, security and availability.

Extended analytics

Extended analytics

The more data you have, the better decisions you can make for your business. Klevu provides comprehensive reporting with actionable insights that can be directly applied to marketing and merchandising campaigns.

Priority support

Valet support

Klevu understands that Enterprise clients need different levels of support. Our dedicated and highly skilled team is available to promptly address any problem that may arise so that your business doesn’t miss a beat.

Extended analytics

Search strategy

Klevu has built search expertise over years of R&D experience in semantic technologies. We provide a personal, customised search guidance to foster business growth.

More features

Self learning search

Search trends are reflected in the search results.

Lightning fast search

Automatically allocated to your nearest data center.


Select and prioritize the products you want promoted in the search.

Dynamic facets

A wide range of facets are automatically available.

Actionable search insights

Use a 360 degree analysis of search patterns to drive traffic.

Fully customizable

Select and prioritize the products you want promoted in the search.

All Klevu features are included in Enterprise search.

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